The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) is an amazing non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of families in the developing world through innovative and self-sustainable health programs. In August 2018, we joined them and five Awesome Humans in Huancayo, Peru to donate scrubs, care for patients and visit clinics, hospitals, schools and an orphanage.

We met some amazing people, saw the most inspiring work and put together some quick numbers and quotes to give you a better idea of what went down. 



4 FIGS Team Members

2 FIGS Co-Founders and CEOs

5 Awesome Humans

5 Days in Peru

I left Peru with a heavy-but-glowing heart and a family made of the most selfless, fearless and loving caregivers that not only changed the community, but also left changed themselves.

– Madalyn N., Med Student

100s of Polaroids

1 Destroyed Drone

300 Bread Rolls

23 Outfit Changes

2 Bottles of Pepto

20 Bags of luggage

3 Vans

0 Seatbelts

.5 Spanish Speakers

This trip changed the way I live in my day-to-day life.

– Danielle L., NP

When we started FIGS, we created our Threads for Threads initiative to donate scrubs to healthcare professionals who work in resource-poor countries and lack the proper uniforms to do their jobs safely. By providing clean scrubs to these individuals, we aim to empower them and improve the quality of care they provide. We also partner with amazing organizations and Awesome Humans who help us deliver the scrubs — as well as donate their time, expertise, and care.

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