Awesome Humans

Ana W., RN — The New Icons

As Ana watched the pandemic unfold on television, she knew she had to leave the comfort of home in San Diego to help her fellow healthcare... Read more

Adam C., MD — The New Icons

Adam was just a few months away from completing his Emergency Medicine Residency program when COVID-19 hit New York, NY. Life as Adam knew it changed... Read more

Lexie R., RN — The New Icons

Her day starts at night and much of it is spent 8,000-ft above ground level traveling 120 MPH. As a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Transport RN, Lexie... Read more

Peggy J., MD — The New Icons

When COVID-19 patients started flooding hospitals in Los Angeles, CA, Peggy, Emergency Medicine Physician, and her husband, a fellow healthcare... Read more

Mauricio G., MD — The New Icons

Based in New York City, working in Emergency Medicine, Mauricio powered through the city’s first wave of COVID-19 and has come out stronger, with a... Read more

Jake T., MD — The New Icons

Jake has always felt an enormous sense of pride for his profession and each morning as the Urology Resident put on his layers of PPE to face another... Read more

Poonam D., DO — The New Icons

While most mothers-to-be would be preparing for maternity leave, New York, NY based physician Poonam, was working long shifts in the Emergency Room... Read more

Xochitl R., PA-C — The New Icons

Driven by a desire to be useful and do her part, when her dermatology practice closed to the public due to COVID-19, Xochitl immediately transitioned... Read more

Sona S., MD — The New Icons

Sink or swim. That’s been the reality for first-year Ophthalmology Resident Sona, who found herself in the ICU after answering the... Read more

Osose O., Future MD — The New Icons

You don’t need to know Osose to know that she’s got a heart made of gold, and that most of that heart is dedicated to caring about her community.... Read more

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