Awesome Humans

Jean C., DO — Holiday 2020

  As a third-year Dermatology Resident, Jean had to quickly adapt to a new normal with the onset of COVID-19. Transitioning from seeing patients... Read more

Gabriella V., DO — Holiday 2020

A dermatology resident based in Miami, Florida, Gabriella V., DO knew she wanted to become a doctor from a young age – thanks to her father and... Read more

Come Together –– Holiday 2020

Despite a year full of challenges, you’ve come together to face the unfathomable. You’ve shown up for each other. You’ve had each other’s... Read more

Sydney G., CNA, Future RN — Holiday 2020

Sydney, a current pediatric CNA and nursing student, is almost near the end of her journey to becoming an RN. Despite the tumultuous year it’s... Read more

Bridget W., PA-C — Holiday 2020

From White House intern to plastic surgery PA-C, Bridget lives life to the fullest with humor, heart and a lot of fun. Based in Los Angeles, Bridget... Read more

Jake G., BSN, RN — Holiday 2020

Jake is a night-shift surgical PCU nurse from San Diego, California. Representing all of the awesome male nurses out there, he starts his day with a... Read more

Jonathan S., PA-S — Holiday 2020

Always positive and incredibly dedicated, Jonathan is a Physician Assistant Student nearing the end of his program and ready to jump headfirst into... Read more

Vignesh S., OMS-III — Holiday 2020

He’s been nicknamed the gentle giant, and after meeting 6’6” Vignesh, you’ll see why. His presence is striking, not because of his height,... Read more

Rose H., MD — Holiday 2020

Rose is an emergency medicine resident physician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a self-described Caffeine Queen. Her path to becoming an MD started... Read more

Jazmine K., PA-C — Holiday 2020

Originally on the pre-med track, Jazmine changed her path after joining a Pre-Med Honor Society and shadowing a PA. Witnessing the role of a PA was... Read more

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