Awesome Humans

Danielle L., DNP, ACNP

Also known as Nurse Abnormalities, Danielle is in short, a tour de force. Ambitious, smart and committed to empowering nurses with humor and grit,... Read more

Rehan M., MD

  Born and raised in France to a family of doctors, Rehan’s road to becoming a physician was always set. His passion for sports medicine... Read more

Claire G., RN

Remaining cool, calm and collected is what makes Claire a great ICU nurse. It’s also what allows her to pursue two full-time jobs at once — nurse... Read more

Jasmine C., RDH

When someone loves their job, you can feel it. Jasmine is one of those people. Inspired by her father who worked as a dental hygienist, Jasmine knew... Read more

Ana W., RN

From EMT to paramedic to an emergency trauma nurse, Ana always welcomes life’s challenges. And she’s faced her fair share. Ana immigrated to the... Read more

Mauricio G., MD

Father, emergency medicine physician and mentor, Mauricio is passionate about more than just physical health. He emphasizes the importance of medical... Read more

Aaleeyah P., Future Dentist

Aaleeyah knows a thing or two about listening to her gut. She was studying journalism when she decided to answer the question in the back of her... Read more

Ashley M., Physician Assistant

Ashley was always certain that working in healthcare was the path for her, despite not having any role models in the medical field. A nagging impulse... Read more

Christiaan L., RN

Christiaan’s road to nursing started with the need for a lifestyle change. A struggle to find happiness and better health in his previous career... Read more

Jennifer P., DMD

Brooklyn-based dentist and founder of Grand Street Dental, Jennifer, is changing dentistry. At her practice, patient experience is paramount and the... Read more

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